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From NLBA Buy A Business

Buying a business is different than any other purchase in the American economy for the following 5 reasons:

  • No shopping venue exists with an inventory of all possible variations of businesses that participate in the US economy
  • Information related to business available for sale is not generally available in the public domain.
  • The purchase of a business is typically a career changing activity. 
  • Valuation of a privately held company and family owned business is subjective science
  • A Post transaction relationship between old and new ownership is generally needed for the continued health of the business. 

NLBA will work with business buyers on a project basis and/or during desired scopes of work or projects. Every day we provide information to business buyers regarding the companies we represent and facilitate negotiations related to the transfer of said businesses. 

Once an offer is accepted both parties will go through due diligence. Once due diligence is completed there final steps to a completed closing:

  • Interviews
  • Marketing Books
  • Site Visits
  • InterContingentgent Offers
  • Disclosure
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Transition Agreements
  • Closing
  • Transition


These negotiations will occur on multiple levels.

The obvious negotiations will occur on price and financial terms. However, additional negotiations will occur on subjects such as transition period training, the non-competition agreement, and tax allocation. 

A successfully negotiated agreement is documented with the signatures of the buyer and seller. 

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