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Our Co-Brokerage Program

The number 1 goal of our clients is to sell their business. In accordance with that goal, NLBA is willing to co-broker the sale of our exclusive listings and share commissions with any business broker or if required that broker possesses an active business broker license for the applicable state provided the following three things occur:

  1. The broker makes first contact with NLBA regarding the listing. No co-brokerage commissions will be paid if the potential buyer contacts NLBA directly about a business prior to involving a broker. Attorney\’s accounting professionals and consultants are always welcome in transactions as members of the buyer\’s transaction team. 
  2. The broker and their buyer client hold all the information relating to that business being offered for sale in strict confidence. 
  3. All negotiations are conducted in an ethical and professional manner. 

It should be noted that the sale of a business is very different than a transaction involving commercial or residential real estate and there is significant liability for the broker conducting those negotiations, for that reason, it is very common for residential and commercial real estate brokers to refer their business seller and buyer clients to NLBA for a referral commission at the close of the transaction. 

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