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Business Brokerage Services

NLBA is a full service business brokerage company that offers its clients complete and comprehensive representation in the sale of privately held companies and or family owned businesses. Our services start with an introductory consultation and complimentary “fair market value” of your business and real estate (when applicable), as well as a valuation.

The introductory consultation provides the business owner with an overview of the sales process. This “fair market value” business and real estate valuation provides the business owner with a range of asking prices that buyers would likely pay for the company. Upon completion of this preliminary process, the business owner and NLBA will both make decisions regarding whether a business relationship should be established for the sale of the company. If no relationship is established the business owner is under NO obligation to NLBA. If a business relationship is established, a representation agreement will be completed between the parties and marketing activity by NLBA will start.

NLBA offers its clients a confidential path to marketing for their business. This marketing is specifically developed to address and properly represent your company and its unique strengths and issues. Such plans include; development of a professional marketing packet for the business, strategic marketing to individuals and companies in our exclusive buyer database and potential acquisition candidates, internet, print and trade publication advertising. We will also network and market within the mergers & acquisitions, business brokerage, investment banking, private equity, legal, accounting and banking communities.

It is important to know that the selling of a business can take 3 months to 3 years. NLBA is with you the entire step of the way. We believe that the environment created for negotiations between the buyer and seller is critical to the successful transfer of ownership of a business. That environment should provide for an atmosphere of confidentiality and full disclosure, NLBA as the facilitator of negotiations will control that environment and make sure that what is important gets discussed.

The process of dialogue between a buyer and seller generally takes place in a confidential setting over a couple of weeks. Following the exchange of oral and written disclosure, deal discussions develop and ultimately move toward a written offer for the buyer and seller. NLBA’s transactional experience and professional negotiation skills are invaluable to the transaction. The goal is to create a win win agreement on the price and terms for the transaction and transition. This is NLBA’s core work in putting deals together.

One of the advantages of NLBA is that we are able to provide our clients with representation of their real estate interests at the same time by partnering with our sister company Gold Lion Real Estate. Most business brokerage/merger and acquisition professionals do not have real estate licenses while we do. This allows us to legally facilitate the sale/purchase of real estate or negotiate a lease or lease agreement, as part of any transaction.

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